Students can follow the programme at their leisure. They can either enroll in the full basic course (100 contact hours) or do parts of it (blocks of 25 contact hours). This also applies to the follow up course (60 contact hours in total or blocks of 30 hours). It is possible to attend one or several hours a week, but also to adhere to more demanding schedules of 3 to 6 hours a day. We also provide intensive language courses of one or several weeks.


Examination training is available for advanced students who would like to obtain the official NT2 certificate as a reward for their command of the Dutch language. Besides, we¬†offer specific courses on writing skills, focussing on business correspondence and other formal and informal documents, such as notes and e-mail. In terms of spelling, we will dot the i’s.

Find your way in Dutch society

During the programme students are taught in a playful way to familiarise themselves with Dutch culture, traditions and history. The idiosyncrasies of the Dutch will be covered in depth. Are Dutch people really that tolerant and broad minded? When do you say “u” and when “jij”? And what exactly is that typical Dutch “gezelligheid”? In short, we will closely examine our manners. Needless to say, we will also discuss the latest developments in Dutch society.