Dutch As Your Second Language offers Dutch language courses for foreign professionals working in the Netherlands. Our highly qualified teachers have a wealth of experience. We provide in-company courses that can be easily adapted to your schedule. Lessons take place either individually or group wise. Each course can be adapted to your needs.

Surprisingly quick results

We have a unique and energetic approach, especially aimed at professionals with limited time. Central to our approach is that students become self-reliant in Dutch in a short period of time. Course members are stimulated to immediately put into practice what they have learnt. That way the learning process continues into their daily life. What is more, work documents (e-mail, notes, manuals etc.) and business jargon can be integrated into each course.

For people with busy lifestyles

Our courses are tailor made and can be totally adapted to suit our course members diaries (as well as their travelling arrangements). Indeed most of our students have busy lifestyles. Therefore we aim to get maximum results from each lesson and ensure that students continue to learn outside of class by way of interesting and effective assignments.