In 1997 the Council of Europe has determined a Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) with regards to foreign language education. Citizens from the various member states can use this frame of reference to demonstrate their language skills and determine the value of their diplomas elsewhere in Europe.

European levels of language skills

Dutch as your second language also uses this frame of reference. It is important that both student and teacher understand before the start of the course what language skills a student already has and what skills will be required ultimately. The European assessment scale of language skills operates as a point of reference during the course, both when it comes to choosing study materials and assessing progress.

Beginners’ level

Totaal (book + CDs) – a basic Dutch language course aimed at non-native speakers with secondary or higher education. The emphasis lies on learning day-to-day Dutch. Lessons will focus on oral and listening skills.

Intermediate level (level A2)

Nederlands in actie (book + DVD) – Follow up course aimed at non-native speakers with secondary or higher education. All four skills will be covered extensively: reading, listening, speaking and writing. The text book is accompanied by a website with supplementary exercises.

Advanced level (level B1)

Reader with newspaper articles, writing exercises, expressions and songs.
Beter Nederlands 1+2 – an accompanying grammar book for advanced students.
Exam training – Sample exams to prepare for the official NT2 exam

Additionally we have developed a wide range of educational materials that may be used during the course.